Fusion360 Changes

I'm getting lots of emails about worried simmers with regards to the changes in fusion360. This has no effect on my designs or how the website runs. I already have a business account with fusion360 which means I can continue to share my plans without interruption. This goes for the paid shop plans and the ones for free.

For you guys with the hobbyist accounts, you can no longer share files, use a CNC with a 4th axis and use a CNC machine with automatic tool change. (Not many people with those as hobbyists!) You are now also limited to 10 active designs at a time. If you download the cockpit file, that's only 6 or 7 files, that can then be amalgamated into one. But I find you will only work on one or two areas of the cockpit at the time, then put that to bed and move onto the next.

I also see a lot of people switching CAD programmes altogether, and Fusion360 offers 12 different CAD file types to download when you hit my links.

I learnt with Fusion360, watching Brad Tallis do his tutorials and it seemed a massive thing to learn, but I soon came to grasps with it and it is a very clever programme which has allowed this website to share my designs with you guys. I often smile when I think that I have very nearly created a whole Boeing 737 working cockpit in CAD! So dont worry just yet! We are good until the next fusion360 changes come, which I'm sure they will!

Take Care Guys!


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