G1000 & G1000 NXI released

Hello, and I hope this finds you all well! I am suffering from a little toothache right now, but this has given me the chance to catch up on the G1000 and 737 FMC designs. I had not realised it had been 29 weeks since I released my final build photos of both products. Wow, how time flies here!

I was already pretty happy with the Garmin G1000, but it didn't quite reflect what it could be, or what I hoped it to be. I have seen many others build them and I wanted to take it a little bit further. This week saw intensive model redesign and so many reprints unit I was happy. The filament design was pretty straightforward! But the resin printed design kicked my butt, As they do not print to the size requested. Parts do not interface nicely with each other like filament printers.

In the end, the unit turned out fantastic. I have included both the G1000 non-auto pilot version and the G1000 NXI with the 12 additional action buttons. Another huge design increase was the addition of the supporting rear assembly to mount all the boards firmly.

I have a particular interest in this design because I want to use this for the new heli sim that is upcoming for MSFS2020. The heli controls are already created. Once more, they need tweaking until I am happy with the output. I have not seen anything out there yet with this sort of heli control replication, from force feel units to mag brakes. You may have these in previous posts.

If you are interested in the G1000 3d printed files please visit here:


The build guide is here:


The CAD files can be found here:


The 737 FMC is now also ready for release, but requires the parts and build guide to be produced! This is a game-changer and makes creating a 737 FMC at home a very cheap, simple and good looking option!

Take care guys, one very tired simmer! Karl Out.

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