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G1000 V2 out now!

This design has been done for quite a while now and was on display at the Lelystad flight sim expo. I thought version one was pretty cool with its high detailing and functionality, but this is another level up!

The first major overhaul was that of the screen. Orientating the screen to the correct way up to increase visual clarity and viewing angle. Instead of sticking with the older, cheaper screen of 500 nits. Many people requested the easily accessible version from Amazon, which has a higher resolution and contrast ratio.

Next up was to improve the overall aesthetics of the item. This was done by removing the need to print the text. This unit can be entirely 3d printed, but that was not the idea for this design. I wanted to keep the highly detailed form of the frame by using 3d printing, but then to be able to replace the 3d printed faceplates with laser engraved ones. Not only improving the backlightable text but also giving an excellent overall flat finish to the frame surfaces.