Garmin 1000 Update

Hello from Brunei,

With the growing popularity of the 3D printed G1000 unit, I am getting lots of requests for the wiring diagram. I had not produced this diagram until today. I wanted to ensure that the prototype was fully operational and worked correctly.

Garmin G1000 NXI Wiring Diagram (WD)
Garmin G1000 NXI Wiring Diagram (WD)

The PDF download is here:

Download PDF • 73KB

Utilising Mobiflights new event software and Hubhop, programming has never been more straightforward for MSFS2020. Click the image for the link:

The programming of the G1000 is achieved by moving the mouse over the part of the G1000 on the screen. This hovering action will then display what the component is called. This label is then typed into hubhob, and it, in turn, displays the settings I need.

Typically, the event listed can be found in the Mobiflight Event list for your required input. If the item is not there, the code can be copied instead.

After spending the last few days filming the build, which will be released soon (hopefully), I was surprised at excellent it had turned out. I would redesign the whole thing, but I am more than happy with the finished product.

However, I will produce another G1000 for the different and better LCD screen everyone is suggesting. This newer, more expensive screen also seems to be more readily available.

If anyone now has any issues with programming or wiring this unit, please raise a forum post and will change the build guide to reflect the issue and try to make the process as simple as possible.

If anyone would like the Mobiflight file for the G1000 it can be found below:

Download ZIP • 3KB

Kind Regards, Karl

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