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Glareshield Warning Pack MOD

When I awoke this morning, people had already completed the new Glarewing builds and were awaiting the mods for the new annunciators.

After finishing work today, I jumped on the computer and finished the mod for the V3 warning pack already in the shop.

This modification adjusts the size of the annunciator bodies to fit the new captions in the shop, and the LH 7 RH back body is now slim-lined to fit into the new V7 Glarewings.

These modded files are free and are found here:

Warning Panel Mod
Download ZIP • 688KB

This mod is just a stop-gap until V4 warning panels come out with hopefully more defined button presses with an audible click. Also, if anyone has the exact dimensions of the actual 737, 6 pack lenses, drop me a line so I can adjust the design to match!

Im now off to continue designing the v4 sim! Kind Regards Karl

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Kurt Nielsen
Kurt Nielsen
Jun 07, 2022

I bought the warning panel from your webshop yesterday, is this the new model?


Unknown member
Jun 06, 2022

Thanks Karl


I have originals. can fed ex them to you

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