Hello all New Members!

This week has seen the members to the site rocket in numbers, Why not say hello or leave a post (makes me feel like i'm talking to myself otherwise!

The last few days have been a bit of a disaster! The CNC has been performing really oddly and I thought it was just the new code. I built it myself several years ago and its never had an issue until now that is. So after realising it was producing very poor quality parts, I decided to overhaul the machine. I only got about 2 mins in, and I found the cable to the Z axis driver had come loose. A quick tighten and away we go again! Just like new.

The only downside to a CNC machine inside the house nest to the lounge is the noise (and perhaps the dust!)

The first picture is the same part with various faults and all the attempts.

The second picture is the p[art after re connecting the Z axis wire (Happy!)

The 3rd picture is the CNC producing perfect cuts vertically.

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