I'm alive and still very much obsessed!

A big hello guy's and wanted to explain what's going on behind the scenes. I have not made a youtube video for weeks now, or put up any updates really. This is because of two main reasons. Home/work life is busier than ever at the moment, and the other reason is I'm heavily back to the drawing board in the design phase.

The windows were always hard, but after drawing them on fusion, it became very apparent, that to get the dimensions to match the real thing, I had to take a few steps back. Now I'm on version 4 of the windows to get them as close as to the real thing as possible. Its amazing how 1 degree can have such a massive affect later on. However, I believe all the windows are now within the 5mm of the real aircraft. The best part (I think) is the concept of design. This should make it really easy for people to copy and produce. I am hoping it all can be done with a jigsaw and orbital sander, to produce something gorgeous.

With this new design, it led to problems with MIP/Glare shield. Infact the glare shield was just wrong. After getting the correct dimensions, and many pictures I have redesigned most things to get them as close as I can without actually seeing the real thing.

The sidewalls that I made, also have to go. So this time design, design, and design first. Then I hoping to pick up the game and start producing. That should all happen quite fast as it will be building to plans.

That's all for now, but I will post pictures of the new designs as they come along.

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