Illuminated Toggle Switches

Illuminated Fuel Cutoff Switches Boeing
737/757/767 Illuminated Toggle Switches

A lot of people are asking how I achieved the Illuminated toggle switches and if I can publish the files. These switches can be found on the newer 737NG, 737MAX, 757 & 767.

To create these, you will need 3 different colours of PLA filament. Silver/Grey for the base. Translucent red for the LED cap and black for the ABS cap. A dabble of superglue will be required for final assembly.

The design itself is based around a 12v LED toggle switch. I purchased these type of switches on eBay a long time ago (Over 5 years) when they came up at a great price ($3.95) for a pack of 10. I had no idea at the time what I would use them for. They are ideal for this project and allows me to achieve the awesome look on the throttle quadrants. I run these led switches at 5v instead of 12v and they still work fine. I received a selection of coloured LED's, but for this project, I chose red like the actual aircraft. The switches can be found here:

Now to create the switch caps. You are going to need a 3d printer for this and these caps are a very quick print.

ABS CAP (Black) BASE (Grey/Silver) LED CAP (Translucent Red)

The ABS CAP is printed at 100% infill and with structural support.

The BASE is printed at 25% and upside down. No support.

The LED CAP is printed at 25% infill with support.

The assembly is very straight forward, the LED cap pushed into the ABS cap and requires no glue.

The Base then pushes into the newly created cap assembly and held in place with a bit of super glue. The whole unit is then a tight push-fit onto the end of the toggle switch.

Fuel Cutoff Switches Boeing
Illuminated Toggle Switch Exploded View

I would highly recommend doing a dry test fit without glue first to ensure all is good. The STL files can be downloaded below:

Led Cap
Download ZIP • 1.33MB

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