It Catch Up Time!

First let me apologise for the lack of website updates. Despite the website hitting new levels with regards to visits and members, I now need to get back on here and update everything.

There are lots of plans that are about to follow and some that I will place on the Online shop to help support this website. Plans will always remain free, but the shop plans will be much more. Hopefully a guide, plans, costs, parts and tooling list.

But my aim is also to provide basic plans for free so anyone can build. I have lots of teenagers contact me and I realise that this is a great age to start with a limited budget.

I, myself have had one of the most limited budgets possible, but I have acquired parts or even been given parts over the last few years.

Episode 18 is now out on YouTube. The Glue Up, sanding and painting of the sim including final assembly. Now I don't enjoy any of these jobs as they are morale sucking beasts and the sheer quantity that I had to do in one go, broke me. However, through sheer persistence I now have the sim structure nearly finished and I am pretty happy with the results.

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