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It has been a busy week

This is yet another week that did not go to plan. I had envisioned days off, full of sim building and making progress. What actually happened was work got in the way once more, and just when you think the aircraft can not possibly go wrong as we must have replaced most of it by now......Something totally unexpected happens. This week saw autopilot faults, lighting faults, a fuel valve case seal leak which required the aircraft to be completely drained of fuel (this turns a simple component task into a long drawn out one).

And to finish my week off yesterday, I was treated to a low rotor warning unit that couldn't be turned off. Then it decided it couldn't be turned off. Its probably one of the simplest electrical systems on the aircraft, but had me pulling my hair out at silly O'clock late last night on my Birthday.

Just going to show you some pics here of a UPS wrapped in a Vancouver Aviation chart! So cool and a big thank you to Rupert & Marc for this cool present. This will hopefully stop those pesky 3d printers from falling every time we have a power cut.

With this in mind, I have not responded to the Forum posts, emails and youtube comments over the last week. That was my job first thing this morning unless I get called back into work. It has taken 7 hours to reply to all the social media platforms. Done now and it's back onto design work.

The Pictures below are of my daughters birthday gift to me. Chloe took my Logo and created a personalised Mug and Clipboard for me. Awesomeness!