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Hello from the Sim in the Mini Monsoon Season here in Brunei!I am now on my fourth week of leave from work. I was supposed to create a video log daily of what i've been upto. That didn't happen, because there was so much to do in order to get things ready for filming. So what have we been doing in 4 weeks?

Well as you have probably already seen, the first week was dedicated to finishing the aft Bulkhead. Gosh, you wouldn't believe how long it took to print all the 3d Circuit breakers. There was several hundred in the end, and i ended up with a big pile of extras. Oh well.

Then I moved onto finishing the overhead structure so others can follow along. Honestly, that was dull! Why? Because all i wanted to do was build the Sim, but so many people saying they needed the plans to go with the windows.

That brings us up to week 3. This week has been Fantastic! I can see everything in my head and how it should look. Infact my mind is in overdrive coming up with solutions to problems even at 3 O'clock in the morning. That's where a 3D printer is the dogs Danglies! Need a part, no problem, head into Fusion 360 and create it! So i started of with the Grimes lights and Map lights. I actually do have a real light, so that allowed me to copy it down to the mircomillitre. I realised that I bought LED lights a few months/years ago for this when they come up on Ebay. Dug them out and modified the design to make them fit. Awsome!

737 3d printed map light with working light
737 Map Light

I love these! Simple to make and they look stunning (in my Opinion). Of course they are only plastic, I was going to head into work and use the airframe repair bay to create the frame from aluminium. But after printing, there's no need. As long as you are not trying to hang off them, they are more than strong enough.

So a full week completed of Fusion 360 Design and printing! Here is the table so far.

737 3d Designed and printed parts from
737 3d printed parts from

Another night passes, and i really need to get the cockpit up and running. Put the build on hold and get things up and working. A friend (George Bell) popped around for the day and between us we aced programming the MIP. George was a great help, and picked up the programming straight away. At this point he's probably in Florida right now doing his PPL ( Good Luck mate) Just WOW! Talk about a kick up the ass!

Watching the MIP computer come to life after been sat in the corner for over two years, that and all the monitors powered up and BOOM! The MIP comes to life in sensational effect! Quick Karl! I must go faster! I want to see it all work! I look up and see the forward overhead. My heart sinks. This was probably one of the main reasons why restarted building my sim. The last sim was outside, its now moved indoors and the reason for this was cheap chinese wire and the high humidity here in Brunei. Wires have completely corroded through and corrosion at the back of the panel is horrendous. Still, I plug the USB lead into the panel and run Mobiflight, to see what works and what doesn't. Well the list is huge but 90% still works.

A bit more work and ill show you where we are at.

Another passes, and i design and print the master caution panels. These also came out fantastic. The feel when you push the buttons in is so much better than before. Thanks to changing from delicate 6mm tactile switches to manly 12mm tactile switches.

737 Printed Warning panel with working 6 Pack recall
737 3D printed master caution & 6 Pack panels

With the prototyping and testing done, they are ready to be installed. That should really finish the glareshield assy off. The captions were supplied by

So i just made the 3d parts to fit around them. As people pointed out there not quite correct, but these will do until I get around to redoing them. For now, there perfect for my cockpit.

That leads me today. Pulled the pedestal and aft overhead panels out, Had a quick look and started creating all the 3d printed parts to start building them.

737 panels by www.Cockpitsimparts.Co.Uk
Getting the 737 panels ready for install here at the sim

At the front of the picture you can see the new 3d printed parts the Flaps and Slats panel. Bigger better Led capture units with backing to prevent backlighting bleed through.

737 Flaps & Slats 3d printed parts
Creating 3d printed parts for the modifed 737 Flaps & slats panel

As of this minute, I have just finished spraying black all the captions and led holders.

Painting the 737 captions and holders
Mass painting of the 737 Captions

Tomorrow sees another day for the sim build and the family departs the UK for 6 weeks. So that's more sim build time! Hopefully i can show you something new!

Kind Regards


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