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Its all GO in the background!

Hello from the Sim in the Mini Monsoon Season here in Brunei!I am now on my fourth week of leave from work. I was supposed to create a video log daily of what i've been upto. That didn't happen, because there was so much to do in order to get things ready for filming. So what have we been doing in 4 weeks?

Well as you have probably already seen, the first week was dedicated to finishing the aft Bulkhead. Gosh, you wouldn't believe how long it took to print all the 3d Circuit breakers. There was several hundred in the end, and i ended up with a big pile of extras. Oh well.

Then I moved onto finishing the overhead structure so others can follow along. Honestly, that was dull! Why? Because all i wanted to do was build the Sim, but so many people saying they needed the plans to go with the windows.

That brings us up to week 3. This week has been Fantastic! I can see everything in my head and how it should look. Infact my mind is in overdrive coming up with solutions to problems even at 3 O'clock in the morning. That's where a 3D printer is the dogs Danglies! Need a part, no problem, head into Fusion 360 and create it! So i started of with the Grimes lights and Map lights. I actually do have a real light, so that allowed me to copy it down to the mircomillitre. I realised that I bought LED lights a few months/years ago for this when they come up on Ebay. Dug them out and modified the design to make them fit. Awsome!

737 3d printed map light with working light
737 Map Light