J-Rails are coming

Hello from a very wet, monsoon evening here in Brunei. One of the most popular questions I get asked is how I will create the 'J' Rails for the crew seats. To be honest, I haven't really thought about it much as I'm not quite at that stage in the build. However, when I awoke at 7am this morning, this idea suddenly shot into my head (I have no idea why).

I needed to remember this as I thought it would work well and is very different from how it is actually carried out on the real aircraft. As soon as I got home, Fusion 360was opened. I dug out the 'J' Rail pictures and dimensions from Paul Wheatley and the design process was started.

3d printed, Boeing 737 'J' Rail truck.

My idea consists of two 3d printed parts, the upper and lower truck assembly supported by four cheap skateboard bearings. The unit is then guided in the channel by the bearing at the front of the unit. The whole unit is allowed to rotate ensuring the seat remains square and forward-facing at all times.

These 4 truck assemblies then ride in an 18mmm MDF channel which can be cut by a jigsaw or CNC machine.

The Boeing 737 crew seat J rail system

This whole unit then sits on top of the control floor base and is bolted/screwed down. The seats are then attached to the J rail base as shown above.

The Boeing 737 Captains seat in its full aft and outboard position

You can see from the above picture, you can now easily step down the side between the pedestal and seat to get seated.

Boeing 737 Pilots seat fully forward

Currently, this is just an idea. I have not started to print or prototype this design yet. But I didn't want to forget what I had come up with and thought I would share my thoughts before they become an integral part of my sim. Let's see how this actually turn out in the future!

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