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July Update, here at the Sim

It has been a very busy and fun two months here at the sim. This has included designing, building, prototyping and testing. This has not only been on the throttle v5 (motorised) but I have also tried to create a helicopter sim collective, which is fully 3d printed for MSFS2020. Hopefully being a Helicopter engineer, I can get it to feel and look like the real thing (more on that later).

The new Boeing 737 Motorised throttle is now complete and a fully working version exists. There are still some issues that I need to resolve before handing this out to you guys. I will give the design out to my Patreons to let them help test the unit and produce a better build guide. This should also give me an idea of feedback on the build and feel of the unit before release.

There are two main areas of concern right now:

1) It's noisy!

2)The trim wheels are too slow.

The noise isn't an issue really, as the trim wheels I can see myself switching off to get rid of the noise completely for any filming. In real life, the cockpit has a lot of background noise and this would just add to it.

As for the trim wheels, they need speeding up, so I might switch to a DC motor instead of a stepper motor.

Once this last major hurdle is done, there will be a final print of all the parts in the correct colours and I will film the build video that will help others build the unit. I personally think the design is pretty awesome. Having the main casing split into three major parts allows for a much simpler build with the casing providing all the support. This reduces the parts count and allows ease of build and maintenance.