KC-135 Tiller

Hello, From Brunei!

After yesterdays video release, today saw the construction of a KC-135 tiller. Sarah Ashmore requested this design. I have not created this from scratch, rather adapt the 737 Tiller.

It's by no means perfect, but it should do the job, and if anybody would like the file, it can be downloaded here for 3d printing or editing:


The unit houses a PTT switch built into the unit, and there is an easy access maintenance hole at the rear, with built-in channel way for the wiring, exiting at the bottom.

If you want to print the file, the STL can be downloaded here:

KC-135 tiller
Download ZIP • 2.54MB

I hope that helps Sarah and anyone else who wishes to use the design or STL. This tiller is designed to fit the centring mechanism for the 737 from earlier this year.

Kind Regards Karl & Helen

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