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Knee Panel Wiring Diagram

Good Morning from Brunei Guys,

Jan Van Graff has asked how to wire up the brightness panel for the MIP. This was not in my current wiring diagrams so I have now added it and it can be found here with the other Wiring Diagrams (WD):

I usually use an Arduino Mega for most things, but at the time Mobiflight did not support analogue inputs. I think has changed recently and I hope to test it today in the workshop. This would make things much cheaper.

Until that time you can see I used a Leobodnar card for these projects and they work exceptionally well. It does seem a waste to use such an expensive card just to dim a screen.

The wiring is the same for all the pots, you can daisy chain the GND and +5v from the board so only two wires are required to the panel from the first set of pins. Then all the output pins will have their own dedicated lines back to the Leobodnar input pins. This will save you on wiring and space!

If anyone needs more clarification on what I mean, please just ask.

Kind Regards Karl