Laser-etched buttons for your FMC Build!

After the release of the FMC build Video. Many people asked if I could print the buttons for them. This is impossible for me to achieve right now, due to the number of people asking and I do not have the mail/shipping ability here in Brunei.

I thought I would ask Sam from if he could go one better and produce laser-etched buttons that fit into my design. This was my first time teaming up with someone else outside Brunei. I can not recommend Sam highly enough and he jumped on board and has been an exceptional wingman for supporting this project. Sam produced the buttons and had them in the mail the next morning.

They arrived here in Brunei after an 8000-mile journey in just a few days. (Mail is never normally that quick and usually takes months). The buttons looked gorgeous and fitted perfectly into my new modified designed bases. These bases make the assembly much easier. They are now a one-piece print.

The CAD design and STL for the Modified button basses can be found here:

If you want an exceptionally good looking 3d printed FMC, these laser etched caps are for you! They are fully back lightable and can be clearly seen in daylight without backlighting.

The direct link to Sam's buttons:

Kind Regards Karl

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