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Updated: Sep 3, 2020

On Monday I returned from our short break away. The children have returned to school and I had another week of holidays to take. I was determined to get my single yoke up and working with a more realistic feel. But due to several days of prototyping and failure after failure, morale was low. The main problem is very limited resources here and the extreme wait if I have to order anything.

It was proving futile. I would have to make a custom build for this Yoke and then create a whole new design for the F/o Yoke. It was at this point, I decided to head to my local metal workers and get them to create a dual-link frame.

First up, was the need for bearings, and surprising I managed to find a shop that was full of them and at a cheap price (not as cheap as amazon!) Then while playing with these bearings, I needed some way to mount them. 3d printing came to mind and this is what I came up with.

Once I realised just how strong 3d printing can be, and how anything can be created, I set to work on fusion! I can not tell you how happy I am with these designs! From 3d printed bevel gears to casings and driveshafts. The control head is designed to fit into a standard 82mm PVC drain pipe.

I have destroyed the first set of bevel gears during a test loading of the control head. They achieved 76Kg of force before the gears sheared. I think that might be enough, after all, if you're putting that much force into the controls, somethings not right! and if they do fail, I will just reprint them.

The Yoke themselves have caused my great problems in the design. Not only do I have to try and get it right in aesthetics, but also how it is built, how it goes together and will it fit on my printer bed. If your interested, this is what the controls will look like.

The printer is going like a belt-fed wombat, im setting the alarm clock and getting up through the night to make sure I don't waste a moment. This is going to take almost a week in print time creating both control units.

Once proven, the designs will be released to the sim world. With the bearings costing around $8 for 10 bearings and a roll of two of PLA/ABS, this is going to make creating the controls super cheap and its a great fun build so far!

Keep Safe guys, Karl

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