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Lets Catch Up!

Thirty days have elapsed since the last video on YouTube. In that time, I have not stopped filming or editing. I should have hundreds of hours of video footage to show you guys. But, alas no. That because the next video is all about cockpit lighting, from the MIP floodlighting, panel Liteflow lighting, and auxiliary lighting.

Karl looking smug with his hard work in the 737 sim cockpit
737DIYSIM smiling while sitting in his newly constructed MDF 737 Cockpit

The problem came when I realized that the 22 AWG wire I had fitted for the 12v LED system was too small in diameter for the current being pulled over the length of the cable. I then had to replace the backlighting looms with 16 AWG. Rewiring my nice tidy cable looms genuinely sucked! Watching me re-loom the sim would not have made for an exciting video, so it was a massive amount of work and time for very little to show.

737DIYSIM installs warm white panel back-lighting
Liteflow panels complete, warm white lighting is much better

The video is now complete, just editing to go. As I'm writing, I thought it would be great to show you how the cockpit currently looks. Its nowhere near finished, but I'm finding the detailing work that I have been avoiding is now making a huge difference! Initially, I was more worried about the general construction of the build. As time progresses, your priorities change. I have just fitted my 3d printed knobs to the overhead panel. I used to groan at people saying that the cheap eBay knobs looked awful. To me, on a budget, they were perfect. However, now that I can print my own knobs, I've turned into a knob snob!