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Life just got simpler, with the new FMC PCB!

It's been a long time coming for this design. I have had many people offer their PCBs for my design. I have refused them all until now because many came with flaws or needed extra wires soldering here and there.

This version is brilliant, and the Arduino mega pro simply sits on the daughter board. Wiring is almost nothing. Making this a simple build, and now, the finished product looks fantastic front and rear!

From the designers:

Mathias & Roderick are proud to announce the release of the 737 FMC PCBs. I have built one unit today and am happy to say it works flawlessly with Mobiflight and PMDG 737 planes. We are ready to start shipping to you guys right away and I will be doing the shipping from Finland. So if you are interested in getting the PCB please send me a PM on Discord (link below). One set includes 2 PCBs, and one faceplate which hosts all the buttons and resistors for the LEDs. A daughter board which hosts an implementation for either Mobiflight (config file included) or simvim (no Arduino on the daughter board but only multiplexers). The only change needed to Karls FMC Print is the backplate (STL included); everything else is directly compatible. Parts are easily sourced, and with the purchase of a set, we will include a sourcing guide for where to get your parts. We've designed the faceplate to be the same for simvim and Mobiflight, so if you build this and switch systems in the future, you only need to swap the daughterboard. The price for a set of the front plate and daughter board is 45EUR, excluding shipping.

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Good day tried the link , it says link expired . Could you please 🙏 add working link .


Mathias Danial
Mathias Danial
Apr 20, 2023

Join the discord from this link:


I have problems as well with the discord link.


when I click on the link I get unable to accept invite?


Anyone else having trouble with the Discord link? I get the message "No text channels" when I click the link. I'm not overly au fait with Discord, but I wonder if there's an invitation link required first?

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