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Manual Trim Wheels for the Boeing 737 Throttle are now released.

It's been a busy Sunday, here in Brunei. I have released the trim wheel designs for the 737 Throttle v3:

This Modification (MOD) was so highly requested, I had to take a day away from the dual control build and get it sorted. This Mod enables the trim of the aircraft to be controlled manually by the trim wheel instead of using the trim switches on the control column Yoke. This MOD also gives your unit better aesthetics.

The manual handle is designed to pop out and be used. It auto stows by a spring (not how it's done on the real thing), but this can be left out if you want to manually pull and close the handle from the unit. The white segment will also have to be painted on afterwards.

It's 200mm in diameter if you have a print bed of 220 x 220mm then you may have to use a skirt and reduce the width of the skirt to get in all to fit! As a last resort, you can also scale it down to suit your printer, however, this will result in smaller screw holes than normal.

These trim wheels are normally electrically driven by a motor. (I have not designed the motor drive yet, It’s hopefully coming soon!)

The trim wheels can be used by any of the following components:

1) 10KOhm Pot (270 Degrees of rotation)

2) 10KOhm – 10 turn Pot (10 rotations)

3) Encoder (Endless rotations) Recommended for the right wheel

I highly recommend that you only electronically connect the Left trim wheel for trim control. Connecting both electrically for manual trim will confuse the system/program.

These trim wheels have designed to be fairly balanced as they are not connected together. Therefore, there is a large mass opposite the handle on each wheel. In the real aircraft, they are 180 apart to balance each other out.

This MOD will require you to reprint both the RH & LH End CAPS for the added structural support. The base of the throttle unit will need to be raised for clearance if the unit is on a table to prevent the trim wheels from interferace.

The download file for the STL’s can be found here:

737 Throttle Trim MOD
Download ZIP • 1.75MB

The parts & build guide can be found here:

If you need the design to modify yourselves, please just redownload the fusion link. For the more astute, you could easily replace the pot with a 12v motor gearbox and relay and actually have the unit drive as it should. But for me that another day!

Im back off into the workshop to see how the new dual controls are coming along pon the printer.

All the best,


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