Meet the unseen Pioneers of the sim building world.

Designing and running this website is a great place to meet like-minded people. There are some really big names that come and chat and say hello. Some of these guys produce some top-notch work that you probably don't see. These guys take the time to give feedback and show me their results or sims even if there not from my plans. There are too many to list here, but a special mention goes out to Sean O'Connell from South Africa, who was the first person I know of to build an exact replica of my design. Seeing my plans come to life in another person's hands was the ultimate reward.

Sean O'Connell's 737 Sim Build.
Sean O'Connell's 737 Sim Build
Sean O'Connell's 737 Sim Build

Another name I'd like to mention is Paul Moss and his sons from Australia. I have chatted with paul a lot over the last year. He became the first person on my website to take on the sim using a 3D printer and proving that it could be done. This opened up sim building to a much bigger audience. It has been fantastic to see his progress and what he has achieved. I know a lot of other simmers now ask him for advice too.

3d Printed 737 MIP
Paul Moss's 3D printed 737 MIP

As last week closed to a draw, Amar Mohindra sent me a message showing me his work on his 3d printed overhead! Well, this just took the game to a whole new level! What he has achieved with a 3d printer is nothing short of amazing! I can only imagine the time to edit and print all these highly detailed panels. As he states, he doesn't own a CNC/Laser machine, and 3d printing has allowed him to produce his overhead:

That's all from me today, I'm still busy designing throttles and not actually getting much time on the sim. Work is extremely busy as my co-worker is returning to the UK and I am having to step up for the next week. A massive thank you & congrats to these guys for sharing their dedication and work with me. Take care from Monsoon Season Brunei! Karl

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