Micro Pro Joystick Guide

After so many people have written emails to us asking how to use an Arduino Micro Pro as a USB joystick card. I relented and stopped the current project and took a few days to create a sketch and guide that hopefully makes it simpler to understand.

I was able to get 7 axes and 11 buttons working directly. I tested using potentiometers and hall sensors. This makes for a cheap and easy joystick card!

I have written all the sketch for you, the only part you have to do is turn on or off which axes you require in the sketch. Its the simplest way I could think of to make as simple as possible. The programming is nothing more complex than changing one word for each axis to either "true" = On or "false" = Off.

Please look at the guide and follow it if you're going down this route. The guide is a simple list, but hopefully, we can improve it with everyone's feedback so we all produce a "Dummies Guide" that all will understand.

Click the page for the link.

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