MTU Small Print Mod is now out!

Hello everyone,

After the release of the MTU last night, I received so many emails asking if the unit could be printed on the Ender 3?

Well, a solid 20 hours later sat on this computer I achieved to break up the massive structural parts so that they now all fit on the smaller build plate of 220mm x 220mm. This was some major surgery to get right. The space inside the unit is so limited by the number of items co-located in close proximity.

You can see in the above photos that large lap joints are used and most joints include several screw holes so when the components are added they increase the structural integrity of the unit.

You will need a little bit of glue and a few extra screws, but this will allow you to create the main unit on smaller printers.

The Build/Parts & Print guide can be found here:

The parts can be purchased here in the shop:

You will still need to purchase the MTU files on top of this to complete the unit. These are just the major parts split into smaller STL files for you to print.

Thats has been a wild 24 hours here with the early release. Catch you soon, Kind Regards Karl.

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