MTU v5 for Xplane

Hello and Happy New Year to all! This post starts with a special thank you to Piki from Austria. He is a Patreon and has been working on getting the MTUv5 working for Xplane (Piki also thinks this can also be used for MSFS using mobiflight).

I designed this throttle around Prosim 737 which itself is the controlling software and Mobiflight as the controlling interface.

Piki also has managed to create some great mods for the project. I know he has put a lot of effort into this and some serious manhours!

Primarily working on his own electronics board utilizing a Teensy interface board. It has also left options for the tb6600 drivers as well as the H Bridge Driver of the L298N drivers. He is now working on refining the software ready for release.

This design can now be found online at:

From here you can get the dedicated board created. Here is the wiring schematic of the board:

The software should follow in the next week hopefully via Github. Piki has put this out early so people can have the boards created ready for the release of the software.

A massive thank you once more for those involved in bringing the project to a wider audience and now coves all the major sims.

Kind Regards Karl

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