My most complex and simplest design ever.

I have basically deserted this world for the last two weeks and spent every waking moment in fusion360. When I'm not awake, my mind is now dreaming of design ideas to get me over the next hurdle.

I want this next Boeing 737 Motorised throttle to be available to all, at the push of a button. I don't want this to cost hundreds or thousands of pounds. I want this life-size part to rank with those costing thousands. Solid, fully adjustable. This design is already on a different level. It's created for me, by me.

These design criteria are coming with some major drawbacks. I wanted this throttle unit originally to be created on the CNC machine and with the metalworking machines at work.

There is now just no need. Yes, I will probably cover certain aspects of my design to create a faux pas metal carcass on what lies underneath a fully 3d printed carcass.

3D printing once frowned upon by myself is now producing parts that are multi-faceted and multi-planed. This is only possible because of 3d printing. Need a gear that operates at different speeds on different levels within an enclosed space, 3d printing has you covered. You probably have no idea what I'm talking about, right now. But let's say I need to create a part that has to fit into the throttle stem which does three different things and all operations have to fit into a 19mm wide part.

It's 3d printing which can combine multiple parts into one at different levels. This allows a single part to be created with ease and makes building for you guys so much simpler.

Reducing the overall parts count.

Let me show you two weeks work. Looks simple right? This is the final design, and is now on the print bed and has over 1000 sketches to perfect this one throttle lever.

Enjoy guys, this is an absolute blast and I enjoy every moment!

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