Nearly two weeks of 3d printing

Hello from Brunei. I started out at the start of July filming the installation of the three 65" tvs.

That was soon stopped when I realised I needed many display port to VGA adapters. Unable to locate them here in the country, I have to rely on the once a month mail delivery.

That video is now on hold until the parts arrive. I have switched tasks to creating the 737 3d printed throttle assy without utilising the saitek throttle unit as shown below.

Version 3 throttle qyadrant 737
737 Throttle quadrant v3, 3D Printable

The design seems to work out much better. Gone are all the fiddly little screws to hold all the parts together and replaced with threaded bar. This makes assembly easier, quicker and stronger. With the removal of the Saitek unit, the levers are also more rigid and the base unit becomes a little closer to the real thing. The levers themselves are full size, but the base unit is not. This is because I wanted it to fit on a standard 3d printer base of 200-220mm.

The levers all have friction brakes fitted to stop the weight of the levers moving the units by themselves. A big thank you goes to my Patreons who build and test these designs before they get published. This hopefully means a more reliable unit.

Then I was asked to create the new 737NG /max unit which I attempted and is still under design. This is a another step up in simplicity and ease of build as the body can be printed in one go. The general consensus was to fit manual trim wheels as seen below.

737 max throttle quadrant, 3d printed
737Max Throttle Quadrant, 3D Printable

While creating these throttle units, somebody else jumped on the bandwagon and asked for a 757 throttle unit. I thought why not! Something totally different. I have only prototyped the throttle levers at the moment, but they look pretty awesome when 3d printed, especially on the Ender 3 Pro.

757 Throttle Handles, 3d printed
757 throttle handles - 3D printed

So life right now is very busy. I get a lot of questions asking when the motorised version is coming? Well, it's coming......It really is just a matter of time guys. I am working flat out and also want to build my sim at the same time.

On a side note, the quality in the print difference between the $109 Tronxy A8 and the $260 Ender 3 pro is worlds apart. The ender is producing perfect prints every time and I can highly recommend it for cockpit building.

Here is how my coffee table looks right now, parts from across three different aircraft types and the amount grows all the time.

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