New 3d Printed, Boeing 737 MIP Screen Frame available

Hello and Happy New Year from us here in Brunei. Wishing you all the very best for the new year ahead. I have slowly been updating some of the designs as my design skills have advanced. Starting with the MIP Screen Frames.

I have added more detail (shaping) and added the knob at the bottom of the unit. The plans and dimensions have also been updated. These prints only just fit on a print bed of 220mm x 220mm.

I am really impressed with how well these came out:

If you want to download the STL files please click on the pictures. There is a single STL file for the whole unit which is what I used to print the above sample. But there are also 4 separate files which can be used to create the same product but will require glueing.

Please note! you do not need to print all 5 STL files in the download file to creat this product.

Kind Regards


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