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Updated: Jun 22, 2020

737DIYSIM designs and prints a 737 throttle modification for Saitek throttle unit
737 Saitek Throttle MOD 2

Hello from Brunei!

Youtube tells me it's been 16 days since the Saitek Throttle Mod and this mod should make some people happy! Honestly, it took a week of design and another week of printing. This was requested by a Patreon initially and I was busy building the Pedestal. But when Covid19 struck, mail stopped and I had no way to progress with the pedestal. No Arduino's or Arduino shields.

3d printed 737 brake Assy
737 Brake lever assembly

Adam donates monthly via Patreon and I wanted to support him as he does me. I was pleased with the throttle handles in video one, the design is almost millimetre perfect and the video became number one instantly. This motivated me further to produce something the rest of the sim community could produce with ease, all be it, a 3d printer is essential. The design is in the shop, its free to those who have already purchased Mod 1 or are a Patreon. Please just redownload the design.

How the 3d printed parts are assembled for the 737 throttle quadrant.
737 Saitek Brake lever Mod

This was by far, so much fun to create and one of my favourite projects to print and assemble. As an engineer, I would like to tell you that my designs work for the first time. But alas no, in the video you will see many errors, extra holes and mods. But these have all been corrected as the project moved along. I also print as fast as the printers will allow. But if I was going to create these for actual use, then slow and methodical it would be to produce perfect looking parts.

 737 Saitek Throttle Quadrant Mod
Saitek fuel cutoff levers

I get asked a lot why its not free to everybody from the start. This was a struggle in the beginning after all this website was designed to make things cheap as possible to the sim world. However, in my mind, it's become simple. Adam and others support me and the website via Patreon. They request items, guides and plans. These items were specifically designed for these individuals. In fact, the starter switch was also a Patreon request item. I do look around the web, and make sure when I put these items up for sale in the webshop, they are by far the cheapest available to try and make sure they are available to as many people as possible.

If you have already purchased or about to purchase these designs, let me know how you get on! Perhaps together we can produce something even more spectacular! Feedback, good or bad is essential.

Kind Regards as always,


The Video Link is here:

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