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New Build Video

Hello from a late evening in Brunei. Yesterday night I finished editing the dual control modification video. This video shows how I stopped the controls from locking out past 90 degrees. The general idea of the video was to find out what had gone wrong and why. Then designing a new part and upgrading the system.

However, this turned out to be a lot more difficult than it needed to be. The main filming camera with all the good hi res footage and audio was stolen and all I was left with was phone video footage from strange angles. This leads to some funny moments where the audio has been that tweaked I sound like a duck at times, the picture quality in low light is awful even for my tired eyes. But it is a finished piece and some of you might enjoy the different aspects of fusion design and actual vlogging. Let me know of course good or bad!

Once again it has probably been two months since the last video. For me its all a learning experience. Hopefully, the next one will be much better, if I can now get my 3d printers to behave!

Im frantically trying to get the last print of the EFIS to print, This is not going well lol, I have almost wasted a day trying to get things perfect. Currently, I'm trying to print the text onto the buttons, but the nozzle keeps blocking during filament changes and this causes havoc and many ruined prints!