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I have finished work for the day. It's a beautiful sunny hot day here in Brunei. This week saw some friends come around to visit and try out the sim. It was a very, very fun night, which led to one over-excited pilot shearing the yoke shaft on landing and two back seat pilots cheering him on. If you haven't seen the video here's a quick catch up which led to the end of the flying night:

Im not sure at what point the shaft sheared, but Marc successfully landed it on the runway. I must point out that the shaft shearing was a design flaw in my dual controls and not the fault of the pilot.

If you take the controls past 90 degrees, there is no spring return and the controls stay where left. Take the controls past 95 degrees and you mechanically lock and invert the control yokes. I didn't expect anybody to try and turn the yoke that far, but on the sims second visitor trial, this is exactly what happened.

Below: The sheared yoke shaft and the new ABS printed one.

Initially, I had to find what component had failed. This happened to be the yoke shaft. So this time I switched from PLA to ABS. Next up was to create a roll channel stop modification to stop this from happening again.

Here is what I came up with:

I converted one of the bearing housings to an adjustable stop block and added a stop lug to the shaft. All printed in red ABS. This works great and should stop this from happening in the future.

I will release this design with the metal dual controls in the next few days! I will finish editing the video which I have spent the last week procrastinating because I lost my main cameras filming files when my good camera was stolen. This left me with only video footage taken by my phone and its rubbish. Im going to push forward and just get this video done and move on (hopefully).

There have been so many other designs happening in the background as I go all out and try and create the parts I really need myself.

First up I needed a working APU gauge. The problem came when I have a cockpitsimparts APU faceplate that is laser engraved and doesn't fit my original design. 10 minutes later the design was transferred to fusion and a new gauge was created on the 3d printer.

The next concurrent running job is the design and printing of the 737 EFIS. I have already released version 2 to my Patreons, but during the build video, I was not happy with the build. It was clumsy and I then realised I could make it much better and simpler. The aim was to get the centre push button of the knobs to be non-moving while the knobs move around them. I achieved this on the lower two knobs. But not the upper ones as this would have been more hassle than it was worth.

I have removed the two backplates and gone for one large single backplate. The tactile buttons have been separated and now everything works independently. The knobs are now 8% bigger than the real aircraft. This allows the printer to print perfect text on the ends of the knobs.

The next big design I have been working on is the FMC. I want this to be fully 3d printed, apart from the hardware and 5" screen. I found these on eBay with controller boards for $20. So I bought 5 lol. Got big plans for these and the design is now in final print at the slowest speed and smallest nozzle. I have fallen in love with the prototypes even though they are printed fast with a 0.8mm nozzle. With a lot of persistence, trial and error I have now been able to find the minimum 3d print text size (3.5mm) to produce perfectly formed text on the button that can be backlit.

This design like the others mentioned should be coming soon!

If you have made it this far, I hope I haven't bored the pants off you. I get a bit carried away at times. But before I publish this post, I'm going to read it twelve times to make sure there are no obvious grammar or spelling errors. Well, I think I just jinxed myself lol.

Kind Regards


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