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New designs, new videos

I have finished work for the day. It's a beautiful sunny hot day here in Brunei. This week saw some friends come around to visit and try out the sim. It was a very, very fun night, which led to one over-excited pilot shearing the yoke shaft on landing and two back seat pilots cheering him on. If you haven't seen the video here's a quick catch up which led to the end of the flying night:

Im not sure at what point the shaft sheared, but Marc successfully landed it on the runway. I must point out that the shaft shearing was a design flaw in my dual controls and not the fault of the pilot.

If you take the controls past 90 degrees, there is no spring return and the controls stay where left. Take the controls past 95 degrees and you mechanically lock and invert the control yokes. I didn't expect anybody to try and turn the yoke that far, but on the sims second visitor trial, this is exactly what happened.

Below: The sheared yoke shaft and the new ABS printed one.