New FMC build Video

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Hello everyone,

Late last night the FMC build video finally finished uploading and was published while I was fast asleep (It was waiting for copyright checks when I left it).

The video took some serious time to film and edit in the hope it will help anybody who is building along. I do appreciate this is not everyone's cup of tea to sit down and watch and I personally recommend hitting that fast forward button to get to the parts you want to see. I am still learning the video creation and editing process. You would not believe how many times the video stops while you are filming or I have forgotten to press record! This lead to many of the same segments having to be reshot. I also have a bad habit of not checking the mic is on!

This is another massive project completed and im looking forward to completing the 737 motorised throttle.

A lot of people are asking about the FMC case, this is included in the CAD file or you can download the STL's here:

Another thing people ask is the Wiring Diagram. This can be found here:

On a final note, I have spoken to Sam from I am hoping he will produce a laser engraved package people can buy to fit into this design for an amazing finish.

My current idea is if Sam is willing to produce the button caps. The base can be 3d printed and the laser engraved plates are pushed into the button bases. This will give that perfect finish and good liteflow capability.

Thats all for now, Kind Regards Karl

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