New Sidewall Plans

Hi All!

Its been 15 months since the first Sim version 3 Sidewall plans were created. For me having the actual 3D CAD designs in front of me, it was very simple to print and understand. However, I realise this was not the case for many of you.

New Boeing 737 Sidewall Plans from 737DIYSIM

Over the last year, i have amended every question I was ever asked, such as missing dimensions, where to place the screws, what size screws and finally overall layout dimensions. These were all very valid points!

737DIYSIM new sidewall plans for the Boeing 737

With a special mention Josh Katz, who helped guide me during his build, i have completely overhauled the plans. No there are changes to the physical structure of the sidewall as this is pretty close to the real thing. Well perhaps lacking the internal curved surfaces, which would make things nearly impossible to understand and build.

Boeing 737 Sidewall plans by 737DIYSIM

With that said, these new plans now go live tonight. If you have already purchased these plans and would like new plans ASAP, please drop me a message, test or email and I will send them straight away once I have checked your purchase account.

These plans will be sent to all members that have purchased them in the near future. Once again if i can ask, "if you see a fault, tell me. It can be corrected for all".

Kind Regards

Helen & Karl

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