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I was asked to design a Saitek throttle modification/addon to make the unit look and operate like the Boeing 737. This is what I came up with. It had to incorporate the following: Operational Speed Brake Lever

Dual independent Thrust Levers

Dual independent Thrust reverser levers utilising potentiometers

Flap lever with gated guards

Bell cut out switch

A/T Disengage switches

TOGO switches

I have no intentions to use this design myself. I just happened to be given a broken Saitek throttle unit to fix. This was a good base to start. And secretly I do like a challenge, especially when it involves designing on fusion 360.

Moving forward, I think i might make my own base unit as its only 3 potentiometers. Then add the brake lever and fuel cutoff levers.

The video can be found here:

The design and download if your interested can be found at:

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