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Patreon Changes

Hello Guys! As most of you know, we have a Patreon account here at 737DIYSIM. I have had to make some drastic changes. If you are like me and the other ex-pats I work with, we have a saying, "Don't like change!" But change has come.

However, if you are a Patreon already prior to this day of 22/11/2020. You gain grandfather rights and have access to all regardless. This does in no way affect previous Patreons that have shown their support.

Patreon is an amazing platform and we are so humbled and privileged to have any person join our page. For Patreons past, they used to get all my designs for free, early access, plus bonus videos and the option to steer the content such as webpage creation and product design.

So why the change?

There are some very clever people out there and I take my hat off to them. They realised they could join Patreon and download all my designs and content for $1. In just over 10 minutes of joining, they would leave Patreon. This is why for the last few months the designs expired after 7 days. However the secret was out, and lots of people have done this over the last month.

We have now introduced the tier system and new limits are now set. The mass downloading of files for a $1 has hopefully been stopped. We have some new characters to introduce to you: