Paul Moss Is a Legend!

Bold Statement I know! Paul probably doesn't even know this. If you have been following along for a little while now. Paul Moss was probably one of the first people I know to take my designs and 3d print them. I think this was before I even had a 3d Printer! We talked many times how we could get the liteflow panels to work and the easiest way to achieve 3d printed text.

Paul last night posted his 3d printed yoke from my design on the Facebook group Cockpit Builders (737DIYSIM is blocked which is why you don't see my posts there). In this one post, and probably two lines of the text he changed the way I operate and how the sim world will now print things. If your an old skool 3d printer you probably already know this. But in this single line, he states, "I printed this yoke with a 0.8mm nozzle and in less than half the time!" WAIT! What you can go bigger than 0.4mm nozzle on an Ender 3! Let me try this!

At 0512hrs I rushed out of bed to put the two Ender 3 3d printers on using the new 0.8mm nozzles which I already had. At the default layer height of 0.3mm and 100% infill the projected timings were immense! From 30hrs to 10hrs. This blew me away (little things do! especially when you're as impatient like me). Let me show you the real-world results:

My first print with a 0.8mm nozzle on an Ender 3

This is my first ever 100% infill 3d print with PLA at 0.8mm nozzle on an Ender 3. Seriously check out the print quality! Is that not gorgeous? I was so worried about the final look. Alas, with every upside there is a downside. Removing the support structure was insane! I need to adjust settings!

Insanely strong!

Trying to remove the support structure snapped my screwdriver in half! Not only is the support structure insanely strong so is the actual print. This has changed my prototyping techniques so much. I can now print at 20% infill and the standard print for the single yoke control column in coming in at around 5 hours compared to 3 days. Now we can move forward at a reasonable pace.

The left is the 0.8mm Print! The right is the 0.4mm print.

Apart from the chisel marks that I had to get a little aggressive with, the part on the left is actually the 0.8mm nozzle print. The part on the right is the 0.4mm print. For creating life-size parts, the 0.8mm nozzle is now proving invaluable! These parts from 30 cm away look amazing, are much stronger and are much quicker to print. Even if you are printing the yoke for your cockpit, I would hope most of you are using at least car filler to smooth out the prints, sand and paint.

It's amazing how a few simple words in a post can help everyone in the sim community, looking back, this is completely obvious, but until somebody states it or mentions it, a lot of us struggle on regardless. So at the end of this blog, it's a massive thank you to Paul and family for leading the way, and definitely changing the way I work here! Get your 0.8mm nozzle now lol! It's going to make that yoke print and housing go so much quicker!

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