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Rudder Pedal Prototyping

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Hello, and I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas Holidays. I have taken a few days away from the sim but wanted to show you some of the upcoming projects in the background.

The first project and the focal point of this particular blog are the 3D printed Boeing 737 Rudder pedals.

3d printed Rudder Pedals
3d printed Rudder Pedals

The first thing was to create the basic design and prove that 3d printed parts could put up with the stresses from peoples feet. I personally know that when new pilots get excited in the cockpit, they have superhuman strength. I really had to concentrate on the pedal structure itself and the supporting pivot that take all the force.

The pedals are the correct size and closely match that of the real ones. I have added a bit of artistic license with the word "BOEING" across them. The pedals have a huge structure behind them and are much thicker than the real pedals. During testing, the pedals seem extremely strong and would match any Plastic injection method. Of course, they are made from plastic and they have their limits.