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Sim Showcase Build

I just wanted to show off a fellow Sim Builders skills once more. In this case, it's a Sim builder called Mick Dewhurst. He has been logging his build in the forum. He has followed the website plans & guides to the dot! I can't express how happy I am when I see another person bring my plans to life. This build is actually like looking back in time at my own build. It's a perfect re-creation. This is the perfect canvas for a 737 build. I can already see that he's going to get that full experience of stepping out of a room into an actual 737 cockpit.

Micks build following 737DIYSIM build plans
Credit: Mick Dewhurst 737 Build

If you would like to read more or see more photo's, check it out here:

Thanks, Mick for sharing your progress and making me smile!

Kidn Regards Karl