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Single Boeing 737 Control Column design is now complete!

This is another design that I have been working on in the background and seems to be highly requested! Really pleased with how this can easily be created at home with a bit of time and effort. Utilising 3d printed parts, a PVC drain pipe and few bits of hardware.

Boeing 737 Single Control Column with working force feel and electric trim by 737DIYSIM
Boeing 737 Single Control Column, with force feel and electric trim

This was great fun to design, every axis has bearing to prevent wear on the plastic parts and make the unit feel smooth. The linear actuator is the elevator electric trim moving the column about the pivot axis and be set up for autopilot movement. This also moves the force feel levers about the axis. So whatever position the control column is trimmed too, the force trim still operates around that set point.

Boeing 737 Single control column looking at the workings of the force feel and trim unit.jpg
Boeing 737 force feel unit single control column

In the above picture, I have removed the outer trim lever in purple, below this are the force trim tongues in green (the aft one also removed). They act on the blue part which is free to move about the central pivot point. Held in position by the linear actuator. The orange PVC pipe clamps allow a good grasp of the PVC pipe.