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Single Control Column Mods

Hello Everyone on this great Sunday! Thank you for all the feedback and photos in the last 12 hours. It's awesome. As the title suggests, some people are having issues with the single control column design. These are:

1) The Spings contact the base of the column when passing 15 degrees

2) Play develops in the centring plate due to different 3d printers

The first one is an easy fix and was actually suggested by the reporter (Massimo) Extend the tongues by 10mm. Done!

The second one I have already completed on many other designs for the same reason. To remove any play or to adjust the central position of the column I have added holes for, M4 x 50mm Screws. These can be tightened to adjust the centre position and remove any play from the neutral position.

Boeing 737 Single Control Column, 3d printed
The 4 screws tighten on to the inner plate removing any play

You can re-download the fusion file to update the design or you can download the tongue STL files here to get going straight away