Single Yoke Head Printed & Tested

After a long day at work, I got home yesterday to find my Ender 3 was still creating the Single LH Yoke head body. I awoke early this morning before work to try and complete the testing. It took 29 hours to print the yoke head at 0.1mm layer height. It's always nerve-racking putting out a prototype design because you never know what I may have missed. Are all the tolerances are correct? Will the gears mesh correctly? Are the gear teeth designed correctly?

This was why until recently, I didn't publish the designs until they were finished printing and in my hand with a working viable unit. But so many people wanted the design and wanted to help test the unit for others, it went out as a Prototype.

As of this morning, I can say it turned out amazing!

Boeing 737 3d printed control yoke head by 737diysim.jpg
Boeing 737 3d Printed Single control Yoke Head

Once I assembled the 4 printed parts, it worked flawlessly and no adjustments required. I printed all these parts at 25% infill. They are more than strong enough, but if I was going to use this for an extended period of time, the internals would be at 100% infill and from ABS.

This means I can now change the shop wording from prototyping to tested and proven. Despite not needing this design, I love how this turned out to be so compact, smooth and pretty simple.

The drill bit supporting the spring is there just for testing purposes. The bottom end of the spring would be connected to strong cord or cable, run through the PVC pipe to the bottom and affixed there where the spring tension could be adjusted to your liking.

Quite a few of you are asking about the pitch axis for the single yoke. It's coming! There's only a certain amount of hours in the day to get all this done.

Time to get out of my Pyjama's and ready for work. I need to edit the 757/767 build video this weekend and start the 3d printers going on the 737 MAX throttle unit.

Take Care Guys,

Karl & Helen

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