Stop Mod for the full plastic dual controls.

Boeing 737 Stop Mod 3d printed Dual Controls
Boeing 737 Stop Mod 3d printed

Last week Steve from the UK got in touch and asked two questions?

1) Karl where is the modded Stop version for the Plastic dual controls?

2) When will the new metal adjustable version be available?

Well, that's two very justified questions and this morning, I'm on it! In fact, I need a break away from pulling my hair out. Both Ender 3 printers appear to have gone on strike asking for more downtime.

The files can be downloaded here if you have already purchased the design:

Stop Mod (1)
Download ZIP • 600KB

You can also redownload the fusion360 design and the files have been added to the original design files.

As for Steve's second question about the metal design, that will take a few hours to upload and prepare, but that my next job now.

While I update these files, the 3d printed EFIS faceplates have been developed testing the different text sizes. The top one is raised text with the painted surface. The middle one is a larger text and painted again. The lower one is not painted but uses two different colours of filament with a filament change from grey to white for the text.

Once I'm happy with the design, this 3d printed EFIS design will also be published. This design has been created so the whole unit can be created at home by the printer. But certain design constraints have led to the text on the lower 7 buttons of the efis being changed from 3 letters to 2 letters. This allows the 3d printed text to be bigger and back lightable.

Thats me for the next few hours while I upload the new designs, Take Care Karl.

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