Thank You MobiFlight!

What an amazing Friday night in Brunei! I have used Mobiflight for over 5 years to interface my sim with the hardware. A special thank you to Pizman and Stephan Ho who probably don't know this (I used a different username in the old days), but guided me through the many questions and issues I had. Some were simple fixes and some were software related.

The ones that come to mind are config files save errors, slow encoders in debug mode and encoder data failing to save.

After running this website, I can see the dedication these guys have. As Mobiflight has grown over the years and running my own website, I can only imagine the amount of questions they have to answer.

Tonight I got a text message from Sebastian, the founder and creator of MobiFlight. We have chatted over the last year, but tonight the text came out of the blue. I have had a certain fault that you may have seen in my videos. The LCD data will not save. He says "I have been talking to Pizman And Stephan about your LCD programming fault, we cant get it to replicate! Any chance we can chat and screen share the problem".

After 3 years living with this fault, can you imagine my shock, when I show Sebastian exactly what I'm doing and it only goes and works! I'm actually in shock and start to stutter! I do not understand what happened and I have no idea. (This reminds me of when a pilot calls me out to the aircraft to show me a fault, tries to replicate what they just did and it doesn't happen or the fault goes away!) This is where I realised, he's on a different level and knows his stuff.

During the start up of MobiFlight he realised that I pushed Ok to accept the warning box, he always pushes Cancel. That one single action was enough to change the outcome and how Mobiflight started up. Within exactly 6 minutes Sabastian had corrected the problem and issued a beta fix.

Mobiflight is completely free, Sabastian's dedication towards his software is outstanding and I can instantly see that he likes a challenge. A software fault is something to be challenged, sought after, and corrected. The faster he achieves this, the better!

A massive thank you to all at MobiFlight, I now think my sim is working without fault software wise. Now its all down to me. Controls are under way, my cheap 3d printer has not stopped in literally months. The quality may not be s good as the ender 3 Pro, but it has put the Ender 3 to shame in reliability. IT JUST KEEPS GOING!

Tomorrow, hopefully sees the filming and completion of the roll channel prototyping. I wasn't going to film it, but then I thought showing the amount of work that has gone into this build and all the errors and changes are might interest some people.

Good Night from Brunei


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