The 757/767 Throttle Quadrant- 3D print

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

This project has been so much fun! It like a simple Airfix/Lego model kit. There are no awkward fits & strange parts. This is because of the amount of room within the unit itself. My Ender 3 has broken down after only 3 weeks of operation. I have purchased the replacement parts from 3 different countries, (USA/Uk & China). Its been 5 weeks and nothing has arrived. It's killing me! This really is affecting the throttle builds, and most of all the yoke builds. The Tronxy A8 printer is saving the day, but only just! Its print quality is now shameful. The rail bearings and stepper motor bearings are squealing and squeaking away horrendously.

Still, a long way to go, but it's been perfect so far. The body is now complete, time for the innards and levers! All the design work is done, it's just needs proving. So I am currently creating the STL files from the fusion files, one at a time. Adjusting for any errors along the way. Check these out! I even found these led toggle switches, Wait until you see the switch caps that fit on and light up!

The design is in Prototyping, but available here:

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