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The B737 Checklist is ready for Creation!

Hi Guys, While Karl is off in La-La land with his back, he has asked me to publish his Yoke checklist design. It's fully built and tested. It's in the webshop FREE! This is because of the file size and it makes downloads so much easier. The link can be found here:

The files include the PDF to print the sticker at 1:1 scale. You are going to need black PLA and some yellow PLA.

The build Guide can be found here:

This has been a massive learning curve for me (Helen) using dynamic pages to try and reduce our overall webpage consumption. Creating a 737 within a hundred webpages now seems a little more difficult. You can see by the new build pages we are on the case and slowly getting there. This is taking a massive amount of effort and a lot of back seat driving by Karl. That's all for tonight, I have been at this for nearly 3 days now and you probably see very little difference in the website lol.

Good Night from Brunei