The Boeing 737 Single Control Column is Here!

It's been a fantastic weekend here in Brunei. I have achieved so much since upgrading to an 0.8mm nozzle. One of those being the prototyping and testing of the Boeing 737 Single Control Column. This design needed no adjustments and worked the first time. So incredibly pleased with how this turned out!

The force required to return the Control column can be simply set by adding springs to the Force trim tongues:

737diysim design for the Boeing 737 Single control Column
Boeing 737 spring force feel unit

The whole unit can be electrically motored by the actuator to the desired trim position. This actuator can also be used for autopilot movement. Regardless of the actuator position, the force feel tongues allow the control column to be moved regardless.

737diysim design for the boeing 737 force trim and yoke pitch with electric trim incorporated
The Boeing 737 Control Column with Force feel and electrical trim

The actuator drives the outer force trim levers in green/Purple. This moves the control column to any desired point and then the force feel tongues operate about that set point.

Considering this was only prototyped tested at 25 % infill, these parts are more than strong enough for the forces I applied, which beats anything I have tried to create in the past. In the future, I will revisit this design to add dampers to the force feel tongues to slow it down when recentering. But that won't is for a while yet.

Get the design here for a limited time (this will allow those that have purchased the control column in separate pieces to get the unit before it goes as a complete unit and at full price.)

Get the parts and build guide here:

Enjoy guys and have a blast! This is how you create something exceptional and realistic at home and hopefully for a great price!

Let me know how you get on! As always, Kind Regards Helen & Karl

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