The building of the rear bulkhead

Its been months in the design and making. I have a few weeks off now, to push hard and get ad much do e as possible. Then the family returns to the UK for there annual family meet up. I have not been very methodical. The 3d printing of parts should have started weeks ago, rather than leaving it until the end. As most people will know that own a 3d printer, I spend hours looking at it, willing it to finish lol.

After, 3 days of painting, the rear bulkhead was ready to be moved from the workshop into the house and placed into the sim. How would it fit?

Absolutely perfectly! I'm digging this CAD stuff and a big thank you/shout out to fusion 360 for there software to which this is all possible.

With the complete bulkhead fitted, both co pilots and pilots. The whole unit can swing away, or remain fixed in its location. This allow better filming or immersion depending on the task at hand.

Above, is the assembly as it is now. Hoping to complete the jump seat soon and get the cushions made.

That's all for now, still waiting on the 3d printer............

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