The first 737MAX throttle creation!

Im am now going through hundreds of emails from the last week, where my mind was perhaps not quite with it. Hence all the posts today. Here is another masterpiece! A massive shout out to Marcelo Alexandre who has created this masterpiece from my design in the Webshop:

The first 3d printed 737MAX throttle quadrant from 737DIYSIM
Credit: Marcelo Alexandre 737MAX Throttle Quadrant

I love it! What makes this truly amazing is that I have only designed it, and not actually finished printing or prototyping the unit myself. It's in the webshop as an idea and for those with skills to have a go. To see this unit before I have created it is utterly amazing! I want it! (lol)

Check out these other photos:

Marcelo writes:

"I used an Arduino micro and put it in the space in front of the 2 brackets and the USB cable runs in between the 2 brackets out of the unit in the back ( created another hole there). Since it only takes 6 analogue inputs, I added another cheap KeeYees Pro Micro to control the 2 trim wheels and put that In the brake lever section adding another hole in the back there as well.

For the cut-off switches, I preferred what you did in the 757 throttles, so I used LED SPDT switches and used the caps with translucent red pla, they turned out great

The toughest part putting this together was putting in the #1 throttle/speed brake assembly. As this pretty much closes the unit it and is hard to pull the wires coming from the throttle handle into the stem#1, so had to push the wires in.

But I am very pleased with how this unit turned out and I like it even more than the V3 and will be using this one."

I will take everything Marcello has said and now use that information to make the design better and easier for others. This is the first unit with working trim wheels too. Drop a like for Marcello's creation as I really think he has taken it to the next level!

Kind Regards and a massive well done. Karl

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