The first radio panel

What an excellent afternoons progress! Something different from woodworking outside in the blistering sun covered in sweat and saw dust. The first radio panel prototype is complete.

The prototyping PCB allows mounting of the components and the conversion from 8 digits to 6 digits of the max7219, 7 segment boards. These are now designed to be plug and play, as we all know how temperamental they can be. The LED back lighting is nearly there, I think a few more LEDS are required.

The frequency knob is missing, as I used too use a single encoder, push in to adjust the first 3 digits and when out for the last 3 digits. But I now have dual encoders on there way from

All driven from a arduino mega and mobiflight. Of course, each panel can be linked to allow only 3 wires to connect all the displays, saving on arduino pins. Luckily, I remembered how to program prosim and mobiflight and it worked first time. Sweet!

So now I can produce the plans and recreate as required.


MAX7219 boards (Qty 2) £2.49

Dual encoder £11

3 digit displays (qty 4) £1.60

Resistors 220 ohm (qty 6) £0.2

Header pins (Qty 2) £0.2

PCB prototype Board £0.3

LEDS (Qty8) £0.5

12mm Tactile Switch (Qty 2) £0.2

Total £17.29 (wow that actually adds up when you realise there are 6 of these in various forms).

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