The New $38 MCP

Hello and welcome back to the 737DIYSIM blog. It has been over 4 years since I released the $38 MCP which was initially designed to be created on a CNC machine. As the years have passed, and 3d Printing has helped create parts for the sim. This offers a new way to achieve a great looking home build unit.

Over the last few months, while building the MTU, I thought I could use these techniques of splitting larger parts into smaller ones whilst retaining the structural integrity. This newer design takes full advantage of 3d printing. I have created this hopefully in time for the release of the new PMDG737 for MSFS2020 on JAN 22. With Mobiflights new WASM module and sim connect, programming with built-in events makes this so much simpler now!

Once again, this is not an exact replica but it is fully functional. The design has been modified for larger text, so it's easier to print with good quality clear and crisp text. I have removed the backlighting because that overcomplicates things. Various components have been relocated to allow easy fitment. All parts assemble with ease and require no additional mounting hardware other than their own attachment nuts and screws.

One downside is that $38 MCP will no longer get you the parts that the originals cost. The Arduino mega's have shot up in price from around 4-5 Euro's each to 10-12 Euro's.

The full MAX7219 boards are used (must be BLUE PCB one's!) so the wiring is much easier! No splitting of displays. I highly recommend that each unit gets its own dedicated 3 pins and the boards are not daisy-chained at all. Over the years I have found during long flights, that even two boards daisy-chained together can lose digits which is very annoying.

The design was always created with the Ender 3 print bed in mind, So all the parts fit diagonally across the bed, or if you have a CR10 or bigger, they will fit any way you like! You can check out the print guide for how I achieved the prints on the different machines.

The main design here is the backplates. They remind me of a monocoque airframe, where the skin of the aircraft takes all the load. In this case, the backplates, provide all the required orifices, height changes and couplings. These two parts alone have taken great effort to produce something I hope you enjoy!

These files are FREE! and can be found here:

If you would like the CAD files to adjust or improve on they are available here:

The Build/Print & Parts guide can be found here:

If you fancy seeing how I built the unit and programmed it without Prosim, check out the vid here:

Happy Building Guys!

Kind Regards Karl

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