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When the Ender 3 new version was released a few weeks back, I thought I would replace my Tronxy A8. The Tronxy has been an awesome first printer for $109 and you probably wouldn't believe how long this printer has been operational for. I was so impressed with my Ender 3 pro that I thought this new Ender 3 would make a great addition and would speed things up greatly.

Little did I know, a less than 3 weeks later my Ender 3 would suffer a filament blockage in the night damaging the feed mechanism. It was a good job I had already ordered the Ender3 v2 because at the time I was a little upset with this breaking so soon and probably would have gone with another brand.

The Ender 3 suffered a simple breakage of the PTFE tubing restraint collar. This then led to weeks of no real quality printing. I have had to rely on my Tronxy A8 again, great for prototyping, but not for finish.

737DIYSIM receives his Ender 3 v2 3D printer
The Ender 3 v2 has arrived

Then came along the Ender 3 v2 to save the day. The prints are gorgeous! The glass bed is amazing and its got whisper mode. Just the white noise of a fan can be heard. I love this printer and the Ender 3 Pro really! As an engineer, I understand that the Ender 3 probably suffered a blockage due to something that I had done causing the failure. So all is forgiven. However, despite ordering the replacement parts from 3 different countries. Months have nearly passed and it still sits broken. This is causing huge delays of both the throttle units and control column prototypes.

I have come to love 3d printing, thinking it was just a gimmick when I first started. For creating custom parts and prototyping, it has become an essential and my go-to tool in cockpit building.

Below is the first-ever print, its the 3d printer torture test Benchy. This was done without any printer setting adjustments and straight after build. A bit of fine-tuning will see this printer excel. I am one very happy builder with this machine and would recommend it to you guys. Is it worth the extra $79 over the Ender 3 Pro? The new screen is gorgeous and easy to use. The noise reduction is awesome, and finally, the glass bed is exceptional. But if funds are tight, the Ender 3 Pro at $200 is a great deal!

Testing the Ender3 v2 without tuning
The 3d printer torture test - Benchy

That's all for this Blog!

Take Care Guys!

Karl & Helen

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